Heritage Candidate Briefing Program

As part of our mission to advance conservative ideas and educate the nation's leaders, The Heritage Foundation offers any candidate seeking elected office the opportunity to receive a unique and specialized briefing on any number of public policy issues.

For candidates pursuing office, our tailored briefings provide one-on-one access to our policy researchers who have extensive expertise on the key domestic and foreign policy issues facing the U.S. These frank, off-the-record discussions on issues important to constituents can help candidates arrive at solid conservative policy solutions, backed up by sound research. The Heritage briefing can even provide talking points and other resources to help any candidate better understand and communicate these critical issues.

To help candidates master the issues they’ll face as legislators, Heritage has released Solutions 2014 to offer specific, conservative policy guidance on a broad range of key issues facing the nation. Solutions 2014 summarizes public policy issues in concise form, making it invaluable to campaigns and candidates.  In addition to this wide-ranging publication, Heritage has also developed research that will directly apply to states, regions, and congressional districts. For example, The Lack of Competition in Obamacare’s Exchanges is available in this format, as well as Statistics on Obama’s War on Coal,and How Will You Fare in the Obamacare Exchanges?–research that specifically addresses the effects of current policies on local regions.

If you are interested in scheduling a briefing for yourself or a candidate, either in person or over the phone, please contact Heritage at CandidateBriefing@heritage.org or call 202-608-1515 to arrange a time.